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Our team is actively involved in assisting Australian Businesses to investigate and establish businesses in the Philippines.

Whether it is setting up an office, importing or manufacturing, we are able to assist clients with investigation of opportunities through our Manila office and network of contacts and associates in the Philippines.

We also have a detailed knowledge of the incentives offered by both the Australian and Philippines governments aimed at boosting trade between the two countries.

Our clients achieve significant cost savings and are able to source excellent employees and managers in their respective industries which can be challenging to recruit in Australia.

Why the Philippines?

  • Similar culture to Australia

  • Similar time zone to Adelaide

  • Easy communication, 3rd largest English speaking country in the world

  • Wide range of skilled and professional labour availability, 400,000 graduates per year

  • Excellent internet and business infrastructure already serving the USA, Europe and Australia

  • Only a 7.5-hour flight from Sydney

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Contact Us


Phil Jaquillard | FCA


Tel: +61 8 8221 6551

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