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Our study missions are primarily focused on identifying opportunities to increase profitability by establishing operations in the Philippines. They are tailored to suit the particular needs and industry of the attendees.

Establishing your own operations (as opposed to simply leasing seats) provides the greatest level of control including in the area of recruitment, systems integration, training and culture.

If you are interested in ‘leasing’ of seats or personnel, we can cover the opportunities and issues surrounding this as well. The study trip provides attendees with an insight into the business, political and cultural environment and the opportunities that exist.

Included in the busy schedule is a visit to our business, SuperGuardian Corporation, as well as other Australian businesses in Manila, introductions to other Australian business people and networks in Manila relevant to the attendees, a general tour of Manila as well as attendance at a presentation regarding all operational, regulatory, legal and logistical aspects of establishing business in the Philippines.

Please download our brochure for details.

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